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Aotearoa music massive is huge and we at Kaitiaki records a new and long awaited label are a fresh face to the scene bringing you all the Jungle/Break related music, hailing from the deep south of NZ, Wanaka with an array of talent we can’t wait to represent Aotearoa bass music as we all know its a beautiful an amazing ecosystem. 


'Kaitiaki' whakamaori / translates as guardian, keeper, preserver, conservator or protector. The addition of the suffix 'tanga', as in 'Kaitiakitanga' means preservation, conservation and protection. 


Before we chose this name we went back to the people of the land and got permission from a tohunga / expert to use this ingoa / name, and they gave their full blessing.

'Kaitiakitanga' is based on the traditional Maori knowledge system and world views. This is why we named our label 'Kaitiaki'.


We are all Kaitiaki of our own music, no matter the genre. However 'Kaitiaki Records' was formed to showcase Jungle artists around Aotearoa, to give them a platform to showcase their own individual taste of music. 


We are not a single entity; we are a collective of people banding together showcasing strictly Aotearoa Jungle music.


We are a small nation compared to the rest of the world, however a large part of our mana / strength is in our music. We want to give the people of Aotearoa/New Zealand a place to hold space where they can be a part of that.


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